Ur blir jag programledare

April 19, 2019

Good luck!
 Making a Voice Test Good luck!
A voice test means a card (max 5 min)
audio file where you talk about music, playing jingles etc.
All to give an impression of how to behave in a radio broadcast.
A voice test should not contain whole songs, but only take
with what is essential, ie where you talk about the music
(introt and possibly end).
For starters, you need, of course, the right hardware and
software for your computer.
There are of course plenty of
solutions to this, why we cannot go into details here.
Which program and equipment you choose to do your voice test is
right up to yourself.
Be sure to be well prepared when recording your aircheck,
plan in advance what to say (something that is of course
equally important during normal radio broadcasting) so you do not sound insecure
or hesitant, speak clearly and neither too fast nor too slow.


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